Policies & Disclaimer

All of my tools are currently manufactured in the US by Spectrum Energetics. They are waterjet cut and machined to create the shapes of my design. This process allows the finish to be very precise, but there is a small amount of variability due to certain limitations and tolerances. This means that not all of the tools are completely flawless and may have some minor inconsistencies.

Once these products leave the manufacturer and are in my hands, it comes down to just me finishing (touching up & anodizing) and fulfilling orders with some help from my family. I do not own a shop or have regular access to machining equipment, so my ability to change the tools is limited at the moment, though I do hope to be able to do more in the future.

Once these products are shipped and in the possession of a postal service, I have no control over the delivery time or delivery itself. Therefore, I cannot be held responsible for loss or damage of packages after I hand the shipment off to the mail carrier. That being said, there are certain postal service options for insuring your package. 

Because this is a small business that deals in small batches, these products are not available for return or refund. So I do ask that this page and the details of each product are read before purchase.

That being said, I do try my very best to deliver products of great quality, and I try to be as transparent as possible. I am always here to answer any questions or concerns. 

Thank you for checking out my site!