Sprybar 3.5 Pocket Tool
Sprybar 3.5 Pocket Tool
Sprybar 3.5 Pocket Tool
Sprybar 3.5 Pocket Tool

Sprybar 3.5 Pocket Tool

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The Sprybar 3.5 is a sleeker, more sturdy, compact version of the original Sprybar Pocket Tool. It earns its name from being the more refined version of the 3rd design attempt in creating a smaller Sprybar, as well as it's 3 1/2 inch length.

It features an enlarged ring compared to the previous size, measuring 0.85 inches in diameter. A wider, more effective pry tip was built around more ergonomic curves on the body. In addition, the bottle opener was changed to a 3/8 inch hex for more functionally as a torque drive when wrenching and popping bottles. 

*Disclaimer: Early Batches of this product have slight variability in the size of the 3/8 inch hex. Some may be smaller than intended.

These are Waterjet cut and machined by Spectrum Energetics in the USA!



Grade 5 Titanium Ti-6Al-4V



Length: 3.5" (89 mm)  

Width: 0.93" (24 mm)

Thickness: 0.26" (7 mm).

Weight: 1 oz (31 g)

Outside Ring Width: 1.13" (29 mm)

Ring Diameter (Inside): 0.85" (22 mm)


*Not eligible for refund.

Because this is a small business that deals in small batches, these products are not available for return or refund.

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